The Stories I Tell

Stories by Megan Lee Beals, and where to find them:

Silk Will Hold Her Bones Together. One thousand spiders inhabit the corpse of a woman so that her husband won’t have to be alone. Can be found in the December 2015 issue of The Iowa Review.

The Clarinet involves fabricated vocal chords, edged in gold. It is in the Give anthology, edited by Michelle Kilmer.

A Sea Without Oysters involves a witch, a woman, every single pearl in the sea, and a stab at an explanation for all of the oysters that tried to slice open my feet at Scenic Beach. It’s a fable in the 19th issue of Luna Station Quarterly.

Lawrence in the Last Days of Knowing is a fairy tale without magic, in which a woman disappears behind a mask of fiction, and a man falls in love with a ghost. It’s in the first issue of Mulberry Fork Review.

Ahuizotle Learns to Fish is about a person with a tail which has a hand at its end, who is very good at fishing from bridges. It is set in the same flooded city as Poppies, but shares none of its characters. You can read it here at Literary Orphans.

Flies in the Ink is about a tattoo artist and the vampire who stole his missing daughter’s room. It is in the Stamps Vamps and Tramps anthology from Evil Girlfriend Media.

No Such Color as Indigo is about a blind woman who receives a tuning device that introduces her to colors one by one, and is in The Future Embodied anthology.

Poppies is about a woman without arms, a man with three eyes, and a girl with poppies growing out of her head. It is in Dadaoism: An Anthology, published by Chomu Press.

The Shadows in Westport is about a girl who accidently fell into a tattoo.  It can be found in the thirteenth issue of Crow Toes Quarterly. Or you can read it right here.